Arson! Would you burn your own posessions?

My husband loves to watch World News, on Thursday evening there was not one word about the arson and fire damage in Israel.  We all have our passions and our issues that we feel strongly about, and I am shocked at how someone can destroy something they claim to have a connection to.

Some thoughts about the fires and reaction below,

Thank God for all the countries that helped,

Coach Yulia


Re the fires in Israel, eretz ha Kadosh. My friend Leah Berenholz Seligersaid, 
“Only people to whom the land does not belong could set this precious place on fire”. 
Reminded me of the gemara….
Sarah Rivka Zulauf it is like the gemara when two woman fight over the same baby, claiming it is their own, the rabaim rule to split the baby in half so each can have a piece, the true Mother would not let that happen, and so she says let the baby live, give it to her, and from that the Rabaim give the baby to the one who choose to sacrifice herself for the child’s life, knowing that she is the real Mother and not the one who falsely claimed to be.

Where are all the people that stand for justice, peace, and protecting innocent civilians?

Efrem Goldberg

Countless Jewish and non-Jewish organizations have appropriately put out statements over the last few weeks condemning hateful speech and bigotry. It would be heartwarming and supportive to see the same passionate condemnations, warnings, and protests to the hateful arson that is risking the lives of innocent men, women and children throughout the width and breadth of Israel, targeting people simply because they are Jews. Could there be greater bigotry than lighting a land on fire to kill its citizens because you hate them?

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