Here we eat again! Here we go again!!!

I was hoping to have a lighthearted post today, but Israel is on fire and luckily I get my news from sources all over the world.  Our media is not interested, and unfortunately every other group and country gets the world sympathy, so for those of you that are interested in what is going on, here are some facts.  One beautiful fact is that Russia, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Italy and even the Palestinian Authority send help to battle the fires burning all over Israel.

The Palestinian fire fighters

Alan Silver's photo.
Alan Silver's photo.
Alan Silver Jerusalem, Israel
– 75,000 people evacuated
– 10 countries sending help
– 138 injured
– 270 prisoners evacuated
– 8 suspects arrested


Every Friday night to Saturday night Jewish people reconnect with God, their family, and their community.  We have Thanksgiving style dinners and host people every week, it is so wonderful.  So I will end with something happy, and leave you with a cute cartoon, because for some reason chicken is the most served dish, besides side dishes galore.

My thoughts and prayers are with Israel,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia





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