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Thanksgiving makes me think of food and being thankful.  Interesting to learn about the difference between sweet potatoes and yams. They are root vegetables and I love learning their roots.  I am really interested in my own roots and learning about everybody else as well.  This article made me think of my own experience in America as an immigrant, and how blessed I have been.

Last weekend I was helping my daughter learn to ride a bicycle and wearing the wrong shoes, and I really threw my back out.  The kids have been home all week off of school, it is my husband’s birthday weekend and we have plans to go to the LA Auto Show, on our feet all day.  I have one Yoga class to teach this morning, luckily I have regulars that can model the poses for everyone else, so I can just direct the flow and energy and be careful.  All I can do, and all we can ever do, is take a breath, do our best, keep moving forward, and most of all be grateful for our kind of problems.

While you are cooking,

While you are driving,

Give Yourself an hour and listen to wisdom about gratitude in the video below,

Enjoy the holiday with family and friends,

Coach Yulia




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