What does Thanksgiving mean to you?

I was born in the former Soviet Union, my Jewish parents were busy working and making the traditional foods that I grew up with.  My mom was always working with people and everybody loved her energy, so we were always invited on holidays, and enjoyed many traditional Thanksgivings with friends.

I just love food and celebration, and I love to hear about everyone’s different ways of enjoying the holidays.  Mostly people love to get together with friends and family, especially if they live far away or life does not let them get together as often as they would like.

Living in California, where everyone always wants to make everything healthier, nutrient rich, and lower calories, enjoy the picture above for options.

While everyone has been so vocal about the election, I also see some of my friends updating about the Native Americans and protesters who are standing against a pipeline that may poison their water supply.  The video below makes me think of the history of Thanksgiving, and how for some people it is called International Day and more of a memory than a celebration.

The concept of giving thanks and having gratitude is universal,

It makes a difference how you weave through life and see the world,

Wishing those who celebrate, a Happy Thanksgiving,

Coach Yulia


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