There is the outside world and our reality

Thank You AP Ammala!!!

With all the craziness going on in the world, I am squeezing in as much good and as much fun as I can.  One of my favorite photographers was in town, and I told my family that this is my birthday present, and they better have fun and be fabulous!  This picture was already at the end, and my little guy was done, my girl didn’t feel like smiling, and luckily my big boy likes to please his eema (mother in Hebrew.)  My husband is my rock, helps me with our intense, happy, full of energy, independent, full of life, and know exactly what they want kids.

I like authentic.

I like real.

I like raw.

I like feeling.

I like being.

I am blessed to be surrounded by diversity, and openness, and possibility.

I really am trying to listen, get to know everyone around me, and I want to share this article that I related to in our current climate of not knowing who is on your side and who is not.

Rebecca Klempner – Hevria
This makes me want to cry. Anger got in the way of listening.
She yelled at me for appropriating her headwear. She didn’t know that I’m not white, but Yemenite, and this is in my blood.  HEVRIA.COM|BY AYALA TIEFENBRUNN

We can all have our feelings, and they are valid,

We are all right inside ourselves,

We can agree to disagree,

Let’s keep the communication lines open,

Coach Yulia

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