Lazy, Rainy Day

This has been a nice weekend turning off our intense world of over stimulation, and I am happy I get to live in my own world when I choose to disconnect, regroup, and connect to what is important.

We had an open day, then it started raining, and I really wanted to do something fun with the whole family.  A friend texted me that her and her kids missed our family, and off we went, just spent a nice day hanging out, no TV, media, or the outside world.

It feels so good to get off the media,

I do enjoy checking in and blogging on the media,

Balance and Trusting Your Gut on what is your truth is the key,

Coach Yulia


Mia Adler Ozair
I am going on record as saying I believe the vast majority of our country’s challenges are as a result of the media either creating them, exasperating them, biasedly reporting on them, and/or working the media ownership’s own agendas for power and influence. The media DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE PEOPLE. THE MEDIA CARES ABOUT VALIDATING THEMSELVES TO ENSURE THEY STILL HAVE JOBS. It’s unfortunate but the media is equally as corrupt as our political system. Too bad we can’t vote them out of their jobs.








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