Election Reaction

I am every energy sensitive, when I walk in to a room I automatically feel positive or negative vibes.  Some people have much more intuition or vision, but for me it is a gut feeling.  This election has brought so much intensity to the whole world, and that energy is literally making me break out in hives.  I was thinking it was the weather or my dry skin, but today one of my Yoga clients said it is the “Election Reaction.”  Some people put their heart and soul into this election and were really crushed, and others are close to people that are feeling this really deep, and are crying with their friends and family.

One of my friends and several of her friends have vertigo, and I do not think it is a coincidence.  It is not about who won or lost, it is not a personal feeling, it is a reaction to how people we know and how everyone around us is feeling.  Some are more sensistive to it than others.  How we feel and how we react affects us physically.  One of my favorite sayings is :

“If you do not take time for rest and recreation, eventually you have to take time for illness”

Also it is so important to release what we feel, maybe talk to someone.  For others it helps to cry or physically let it out maybe in exercise.  It has to come out, holding it in could cause health problems.

The video below has some great questions that we can ask ourselves or share with our friends.

Let It Out,

Coach Yulia

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