What gets you in your happy place?


Someone that I am friends posted this video this morning, and it was surprising.  I love how people always surprise us, and it made me smile.  I am surrounded by many creative, unique, expressive souls and this made me think of a Russian Cirque du Soleil!

When we see something on stage or in a movie, we allow ourselves to be transported into another experience.  Maybe we can get into that mindset when we are communicating with people that are completely different from us.  I am always interested to know a person’s background and life story, it fascinates all the lessons learned and sharing our different life paths.

As much as social media made it easier to see what other people are doing in their lives, for all of us to express ourselves, and it seems so personal and so real.  We really do need to actually be in front of each other, without our cell phones, because even as I blog with all of my heart and soul, the energy exchange is not the same as having a conversation.

My happy place is where I can be authentic and people around me are genuine,


Coach Yulia

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