Different Points of View


I don’t know about you, but I am trying to wrap my head around all of it.  As I am teaching my classes I see all sides, somebody I know is going to Washington D.C. to march, and others are saying that the media and money is trying to sway the country, what do you think?


As Americans, I want to hear from you, talk to you, know about you, and figure it out together. Calling people names and taking sides does not make sense to me.  I am all for protest, but am completely against hate mongering and violence.

I respect everybody’s point of view,

That is what makes this country unique,

Nobody can tell me or you how to feel and act,

Real, Authentic expression,

Even extremes give us a guage,

I would like to think we are all at a place that we are strong enough to speak up for ourselves and respect others,

Our freedom of speech and independence is for everybody,

Coach Yulia


Sada Simran

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