Low Expectations

Sometimes I have no plan in my day, and I am literally open to let it take me where I need to be.  Sometimes when I am looking for something in particular, I am pleasantly surprised when somehow I end up at the exact place I need to be and find what I need.

Yesterday two of my kids had playdates, no school or work because of Veteran’s day, so I was not sure where I was going to end up with my little guy.  All of a sudden out of the blue he says he wants to visit Doda Mollie, so I call my good friend, and she says, come on over and uses his assistance to bake muffins and Challah, and then we all had tea.  I love when things just happen, but of course if we all went through life with no expectations, that would not work either.


So I was thinking about our current climate in this election, and I think many people have very low expectations of our goverment moving forward.  As a positive person, I hope we will all be surprised and see that everything will work out, and all we can really have control over is ourselves and our reactions.

In our current media obsessed, over stimulated world, there is so much hype, that in most things we have high expectations and end up disappointed.  Many promises are made, not kept, and while promises are wonderful, I do not believe it until I see it.

I like to live in reality along with my happy bubble,

We had such a wonderful Shabbat with friends and family,

So nice to cut out all the intestity in the world for 24 hours,

Now I am ready to face, feel, and take action as well as be conscious of my reaction,

Coach Yulia

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