We are all multifaceted

Happy Veterans Day!  I am so grateful for the United States of America and everyone who stands up strong for our freedoms and choices.  A place where we can be ourselves, speak out, and not like everything, we are so blessed to be able to have change, with no fear.

I like everybody.  I especially enjoy people being their authentic selves.  There are many parts to us, and we may align with certain groups and hobbies, but overall each one of us is a unique, multifacented individual.  I do not like being lumped into any group, we are all unique, and we all need each other.  The downs make us celebrate the ups, and the people different from us make us delve deeper in who we are meant to be in this world.

I keep on learning this lesson over and over again in my personal life and in my work.  In my classes and with my Doula clients, my main message is that every experience is different.  So much so, that each person feels things differently on a daily basis, our body is never the same, a birth is never the same, even with the same person.  Even in my own family and friend circles, a doctor or service that was the best in the world for me, was a disaster for them.

Luckily in my circle of friends I do not see blatant hate, but I do see fear.  It is a natural feeling, and my heart goes out to people in my life that really feel a fear of the future.

All we can do is feel our truth, share with the world, and hopefully together figure out how to move forward.  It has been a very intense week, so ready to turn it all off, so blessed to have this tool in my life.  Nothing but rest, family, and being present to my blessings, Thank God!

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia


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