Now What?

Yesterday the pic above gave me some comic relief, but today I think a big part of America is going through Post Partum.  We have to talk to each other and see the positive in every situation, this is your chance to let your voice be heard and make a difference.  In my Prenatal Yoga class this morning we were talking about how he is not a regular Republican, so hopefully he gets serious and gets advisors and really makes a difference, and watches his mouth.  A part of me is happy that the system lost, I like change, breakdowns lead to breakthroughs.  I think both candidates gave respectful final speeches honoring each other’s campaign and effort.  It is about unity, all of you saying to unfriend you and he is not your president, please regroup, talk to people, and make your voice be heard.

I want to hear it.

I am a Russian, Mountain Jew and this morning I had a Mexican/Persian client pregnant with a new life in my Prenatal Yoga class, and then went to my Ecuadorian Yoga teacher who is 84 years old to feel good, and just came back from my Pakistani Muslim eyebrow threading woman, and we are listening to each other, we can only move forward.

Coach Yulia


Dorothy Tiano Melvin feeling sad.
I did not vote yesterday. I was sick over the choices of candidates. But what I am seeing today is upsetting on the deepest level. Americans calling other Americans, who felt they had the freedom to make their own choices, names – idiots, morons, misogynistic (and many who wanted Bernie over Hillary are calling others misogynistic!).

At least every two people you see, speak with, earn your living from, sell your goods and services to, will have voted for Trump. If you feel that way about them, be sure not to profit from them. Be sure not to let them in your house. Openly show them disrespect. Do not hide behind insulting Facebook posts. It is either about the country or it is about your own personal choice not having been accepted.

Is this what the Democratic campaign has accomplished? Complete disrespect and disdain for people who thought that they had the freedom to choose a candidate? I have never seen such hatred and such ugly language used. I am sick that these are people I know. Threatening to unfriend lifelong friendships. What I see is such shallowness and lack of depth.

I don’t recall ever hearing Bernie Sanders call other Americans deplorable. When I heard a woman who was running for the high office of president United State, call Americans that she would be governing “deplorables,” I was sick to my stomach.

Please do not join this campaign of open disrespect and hatred. These are your fellow countrymen, we have a democratic process wherein people are free to choose. When you take away that freedom, that is called a dictatorship. We celebrate differences in our religions, our races, our choices of partners. Accept what has happened with dignity and grace, and try to work to keep this country great, not divided. I am begging you to show respect for others not poisonous hatred. It will only poison yourselves and continue this campaign to divide.



Nikki Gutierrez
I woke up to more weak people than I can count on my feed and a bunch of whiners. Get it together people! ‘What am I gonna tell my kids?!’ Tell them the US voted and Trump won! That’s how an election works. What’s done is done, let’s see where this goes.. Cuz complaining about it at this point will NOT change the new President. Pray and move on, stop breaking up friendships and family ties over this because I promise you, both candidates will be popping champagne and breaking bread TOGETHER this weekend like they’ve always have. Enough.
Brienne Michelle
“We don’t have to agree on anything to be kind to each other.” — Unknown

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