I chose to walk today

Facebook is my window to this very intense day of voting.  Yes I will vote later on after my classes.  After getting my kids ready for school, I left the rest to my husband and decided to walk to teach my Yoga class just a few blocks away.  It is a gorgeous day in Los Angeles, and I am so grateful for my life, my family, and living my purpose in this world with the work that I love.

I am blessed to have friends that are so diverse, and I see passionate stances and arguments for both candidates.  I see the bad and the good on both sides, and the rest is a personal decision, and I am happy that this intense energy and feeling will end today.  The show has been mind boggling, surprising, and had the whole world at the edge of their seats.

I see friends in other countries that have such respect for our voting process, and they are telling me that they have to fight hard for their right and sometimes there is even violence and appeasment.

I am present to the greatness of the United States of America, and how blessed I am that my parents risked everything to give us a beautiful life.  I am going to focus on the positive aspect of the process, and moving forward in unity and respect post partum.

Coach Yulia




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