Season Finale: Election Day


No matter who you are voting for or what side you are on, this election has been a showstopper, there is no way to tune it out.  The world is literally watching, and tomorrow is the Grand Finale!

I want to share stories of inspiration, nothing about the candidates, just for the right to vote, and how ultimately it should not divide us, because eventually we will have to move forward together.

Coach Yulia

Mia Adler Ozair feeling hopeful.

I felt a strange compulsion to post to anyone who will hear it that all will be okay, there is a divine plan in action. No need to move countries, no need to gloat for your winner or anger over your loser. No need to leave the country or curse your neighbor. We are and will continue, God willing, to be one of the greatest nations on earth with incredible talent, diversity, innovation, and freedoms. Let’s all agree before the election takes place that regardless of the outcome we will use it as an opportunity to rise above, to learn, to elevate our nation, and to demonstrate our greatest personal attributes. One nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. We can do this.


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