Technical Difficulties


I had the most wonderful Shabbat, and had plans to have some fun on Saturday night with a friend.  Shabbat ended relatively early after sundown, and we just put the kids to bed, and it just felt so good to be on the couch with a book.  I was planning my night out for a while, and told myself I would start getting ready in an hour.  Once I got up to get ready I wanted to write a quick blog, and my website was not working.  So I was not dressed, my friend was waiting for me, all the conveniences of modern technology boil down to one thing, it is only good when it works.

So I wrote my blog, but was not able to publish it, and now as I write this I am talking with a live chat to figure it all out.

Technical difficulties are a metaphor for life.  The way I operate is I don’t let it stop me from my plans, I know I will eventually figure it out.  I focus on staying calm, and getting to the bottom of it, and not afraid to ask questions.

Why put fear, anger, and anxiety in my system?

Why worry in advance?

It has been fixed,

I will post shortly,

All is good in the world,

Coach Yulia

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