Who controls your mind?


When we are open, amazing things can happen.  It is also fascinating how easily we can be swayed.

In Judaism we are encouraged to speak up, debate, and go against the tide, go deeper, ask questions, not just follow a herd.  Maybe one of the ways we can disconnect from the programming, is to turn off completely.  Luckily Shabbat does just that, reconnecting to the real you, turning off the noise, real time with family and friends, and a real rest from the non stop.

Thank God!

Tonight is my Hebrew Birthday,

I want to bless everyone with health, happiness, success and love!

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

Daniel Ferszt shared Living Torah‘s photo.
How does he do it?

Every time, he keeps me in check.

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During a discussion with an Israeli radio journalist, the Rebbe suggested that in addition to providing news, he should share a weekly insight from the Torah portion with his listeners.

Not convinced, the journalist replied, “We’re in the business of providing news. Torah is not news!”

The Rebbe responded, “Our sages teach us that every day we must approach Torah as if it were given today. In other words, it’s up to us to find the relevance, the connection, between the Torah and our personal lives and current affairs.”

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