What news do you read and believe?

Alan Silver
The emails that were found in Anthony Weiner’s computer was found in a file called “Insurance”.

What an appropriate name.

We see that he was and is in serious trouble with his sex case and saw that he would be in serious trouble and would be locked up for a very long time. He did not want to be in jail for ‘years’, so he and perhaps his wife Huma (the Iranian girl that was Hillary’s closest aide), set themselves up so that ‘when’ Clinton become President, she would grant Weiner a pardon after a short while. These emails were supposed to be the means of blackmailing Hillary into granting him a pardon, or he would release these emails.

It is now rumoured that he is asking to become a state witness against Clinton in any future trial in exchange for immunity from charges.

The plot just keeps getting thicker. (or maybe sicker).

Devorah Brown
More information about what I received about Clinton’s emails.

Clinton did not know that her chief adviser Huma used her husband’s computer to back up all emails. She had done this a long time ago, and she probably forgot about THAT setting of backup. For Weiner’s computer.

Now the FBI goes to Weiner’s computer to check his emails in his sex case, and they stumble on this file with all the backed up emails.
Could the FBI keep quiet about this finding? No. Whichever way they would have decided, the Republicans would have cried ‘murder’, if it was known that they had the missing emails, yet did not say so. They had to come clean and announce it.

Why is Russia so interested in keeping Assad in power?

I have asked many influential people and they did not have an answer,

Yesterday I received the answer.

President Obama and Clinton were planning to build an oil pipeline from Turkey to Qatar. They were going to make a ‘killing’ on this deal. Literally billions of dollars. Now this is where the snag popped up. Assad did not like the pipeline passing through Syria (not sure if he was not offered enough to like it or any other reason for him being against it). The deal was stuck.

The solution was to get rid of Assad and so Obama and Clinton decided to start an Arab spring in Syria, as that was the trend in the rest of the Arab world at that time. the USA encouraged rebels to take up arms and started a revolution to get rid of Assad. The plan nearly worked, but Russia cam into the picture as she did not want this deal to go through. So Russia intervened and saved Assad from assured destruction.

Now this deal could now also explain the millions of dollars the Qatar has donated over the years to the Clinton foundation.
Now Iran is also involved in this deal. She was supposed to benefit greatly from this pipe line as she was going to be one of the main suppliers of this oil that was to be pumped to Qatar. Now we see that Iran has a very big vested interest in our region and stood to make billions annually from it.

At the beginning of the year, America, under the orders of Obama, transferred 1.7 billion dollars in CASH to the Iranians. It was made out to be some type of ransom, for the 4 Americans being held there at that time. This seems now to not be the truth. This money was made out to be ransom money, but it was money due to Iran according to the pipe line agreement and this was a cover for this transaction. Money was in reality being stolen by the Clintons and Obama, and used for their personal interests. CRIMINAL.

And what about the resulting civil war in the region, that was to topple Assad. hundreds of thousands of people had been killed as a result, and million have been left homeless and refugees. This could be the reason why Clinton wants to allow so many of the Syrian refugees into America.

There is more to come, and the information that I am receiving, is now putting many pieces of the puzzle together and the picture is becoming very clear. These people, Obama and the Clintons have destroyed the decent world over greed for themselves. Human lives have not been part of the equation. Money was the prize, and it was going to be got at all costs.

Oh and another point was written and agreed on. If Obama was to be charged, Clinton, being President was supposed to grant him a pardon, shortly later.

Can you sleep tonight? I certainly cannot, knowing there is the slightest possibility that Clinton could be elected President, and these evil plans and cover-ups could continue.

Wikileaks will fill us in on all the information needed, before and I’m sure after the elections. Internal investigations are continuing by them.

More to follow…..Alan Silver


The next few days until the election, and its a non stop reality show.

Coach Yulia

It seems as though the crap has officially hit the fan for the Hillary Clinton…


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