“Change the Narrative”

Media and Social Media tell us their perspective, we have our background and environment, and then there is the truth.  These voices are breaking barriers, educating, and inspiring others across the political, religious, and international spectrum to stand up and let their voice be heard.

Coach Yulia


Afshine Emrani
Muslims and Islamists are NOT the same. We need a leader who can distinguish the two, welcome Muslims, keep Islamists away. The difference is clear and crucial to our future. Iran before 1979 was a Muslim country. We had separation of church & state and Muslims, Jews, Christians & Bahais thrived together until… the revolution when Islamists took over. Many minorities fled, Bahais we killed. The extremists enforce ideology into policy, such that Iranian youth were not allowed to wear certain clothes, were beaten and imprisoned for dancing and listening to music. Islamists are totalitarian. Wherever they go, they force people around them to adopt their rules which they claim is strict Islam. Here’s where people get confused. Islam is and Muslims are tolerant and loving, but Islamists are radical extremists who interject their beliefs to control those around them at the cost of killing them. After the revolution, we saw mothers who mourned when their children returned from war alive because they were not martyrs. Islamists celebrate death over life. Muslims celebrate life above anything. The biggest threat of Islamists is to Islam and to Muslims. I can’t emphasize the importance of understanding this distinction which affects our borders, the refugees we vet, our safety. It’s also important to be clear in the distinction so that we don’t insult the people we should honor- American Muslims. Clinton and Obama simply avoid the topic to be politically correct. This political correctness, in part, has given voice to Trump and Trump supporters.

Nadiya Al-Noor
I used to think things like, “Israel is populated by white European colonizers.” And, “Israel was only created because of the Holocaust. Why couldn’t they have just carved it out of Poland instead of causing problems in the Middle East?” And you know why I thought those things? Because that’s all I ever heard. I didn’t know any better. This is the dominant narrative. If we want it to change, we need to go beyond educating Jews about Israel. We need to educate everyone. Get out there and change the narrative.
Luba Shvar  What changed your views?
Nadiya Al-Noor Actually learning about Israel from Jews and Israelis. Looking at history and fact checking instead of parroting nonsense.

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