Finally a Day of Rest!

I just got home from my second birth this week, and now I have a while until the next one. All during the Jewish holidays I was on call, and this will be the first Shabbat that I can turn off my phone, and really finally, have a Day of Rest!

I am on a natural high right now from an amazing labor and birth experience.  I am in awe of how we can choose exactly how we want to birth, get informed, but also be open to what is meant to be, completely trusting ourselves and going with the flow.

I love to live in my “AWE” bubble, which I used to call my happy bubble.  I just read an article about how “AWE” is a feeling that we all have, it keeps us living life fully, and is very therapeutic.

The secret to health and happiness?

I am living proof.

A Day of Rest is mandatory,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia

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A Day of Rest

Shabbat is an island in time, a day of rest in the rush of activity that engulfs the other six days of the weekly cycle. For 25 hours — from sundown Friday evening to nightfall Saturday night — we cease all creative involvement with our surroundings, transcend the worries and struggles of our daily existence, and enjoy the divine tranquility of G‑d‘s day of rest.

We all know the story of how G‑d created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. But creation was not a one time event. It is an ongoing process: G‑d is continually creating our world in a cosmic cycle of work and rest. By resting on Shabbat, we bring our own lives in sync with the divine cycle of creation. We attest to G‑d’s creation of the world, affirm our own role as G‑d’s “partners in creation,” and bring wholeness, holiness and purpose into our lives.

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