I clearly see a private jet


As long as I remember I have visualized a private jet.  Many people that I have met throughout my life remember me saying that one day I would have a private jet.  I love travel, spontanaiety and making my own rules.  The video about talks about how powerful visualization is, but without hard work it will not materialize.  I still see the private jet, but I am not attached to when it will happen because I am so fully present to living my life fully and conscious of how blessed I am in every moment.

Today private jets are more common, and there are even companies where you can rent one or be part of a group of owners.  There are so many options, maybe it would not make sense to own one because then I would have to have a place to store and maintain it.  Part ownership sounds good, and I love options!

One day,

I am taking everyone anywhere they want to go,

I am coming along for the ride,

It is all about the adventure,

Anything is possible,

Coach Yulia

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