Therapeutic use of self

A health care provider’s use of verbal and nonverbal communication, emotional exchange, and other aspects of his or her personality to establish a relationship with the patient that promotes cooperation and healing. – Medical Dictionary, © 2009 Farlex and Partners


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Therapeutic use of self

thoughtful and deliberate use of one’s personality, opinions, and judgments as a component of the therapeutic process. – Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, 9th edition. © 2009, Elsevier.


Today while I was supporting in labor and birth as a Doula, I learned a new term, Therapeutic Use of Self.  My client was sitting on a ball and wanted to lean back on something.  The ball was at the foot of the bed, so she could easily lean forward, so I instinctively stood behind her and told her to lean on me, and it worked.  This is such a powerful term, that is energy exchange and truly connecting with someone.

We all connect differently, and that is a good thing, that is why I love to have fellow Doulas all around me, so everyone can find the right fit.  I know I am not the right fit for everybody, and that is a good thing, I do not want my energy to go to waste, it is precious. I feel so grateful that I trust my gut completely, and just came home from a 12 hour experience, and although tired, I am on a natural high.

I always learn something new,
I enter as a blank slate,
Bringing all my tools to see what fits,
Ready to be present and celebrate!

I love being utilized!

Coach Yulia

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