I want to write about happy things, but…

What is close to my heart and directly affects me is perplexing and sad.  Below are some truths happening in our world today, it is just mind boggling, and I really just want none of it, all of it is wrong, negative, and blaming instead of taking responsibility.

All we can do is know our own truth.

Walk the walk.

Talk the talk.

Time for me to decompress, recharge, and go into my circle of positive energy and feeling good.

Getting charged up for the next round of Jewish Holidays, so excited for Sukkot!

Chag Sameach,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia


Afshine Emrani

The decision of which candidate to support for many American Jews is easy and starts with #NeverTrump. I respect that. Judaism teaches social justice and equality. When our clergy need to teach us that his “locker room talk” is disgusting and unacceptable and that the First Lady needs to echo this sentiment, goes to show how low our standard has become that some of us have to defend this moronic man. Do we not see his bigotry? Are we bigots ourselves? Are we lunatics like him? You must wonder. I believe that the polls are still split 50-50 and that there is a silent group that is ashamed to speak up and be counted with this man but will vote for him. Why? The media says we are uneducated, racist, bullies like the candidate we defend. It’s not true. We Persians Jews were witness to a rapid overturn of an Empire that housed us for 2500+ years. 35+ years ago, we saw what can happen when you hand over America to a Democrat like Carter who single-handedly destroyed the world and set into motion much of the “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” rhetoric in Iran today. Iran wants to destroy Israel. It’s real. Not a joke. There is an agenda in the UN to weaken Israel as you saw with UNESCO today. Obama/Clinton/Kerry caused ISIS and handed over monies to Iran, Israel’s #1 sworn enemy. Clinton did not just make mistakes- she faked data, she destroyed data, she evaded FBI investigation, she accepted bribes from Arab countries while she was secretary of the state and all the while she had the support of the White House. Her foreign policy in Syria and Lybia has been nothing short of disastrous. So, we come to a choice between an incompetent carnival barker that can be surrounded by competent cabinet members such as his vice president for whom I have tremendous respect, or a highly intelligent, highly trained candidate that can cunningly destroy America, Israel, and do what Carter did again by fueling more fire in the Middle East and use the salivating media that follows her like a dog to get all of her agenda accomplished, surrounded by the likes of Sydney and Max Blumenthal and Abedin. I don’t know. I tremble as I write about either candidate. I really do. I think most of Trump’s supporters are not Trump supporters at all, but people who say #NeverHillary. I’m so sad that this beautiful country has come to this. I wish I could wake up tomorrow and vote for a woman who is intelligent, articulate, without this heavy baggage of corruption, one who leads with hope and courage so that I can look to my daughters and say- “I was not born in this country, but you were, and you too, like her can one day become the President of the greatest country on the planet.” Until then, I pray for God’s help to guide us through this mess.


Two rocket attacks last week and today, two people killed and five injured in a Jerusalem terrorist attack.…


The ridiculousness of the UNESCO is baffling, and it is interesting to read why:
Justin Amler
During my recent trip to Baku, I met many interesting people, including people from many different countries and different international institutions.

One of the people I met was an executive member of UNESCO from Germany.
He was a really pleasant man, and when I told him that his organization passed resolutions that were nonsensical, historically false and offensive to Jews everywhere, he didn’t argue with me in the slightest.

Instead, with a hint of helplessness, he explained how for the last few years, the palestinians have been using their automatic majority in UNESCO to pass more and more resolutions against Israel. And this automatic adoption of resolutions based on a simple majority, which they have, means that no matter how ludicrous the resolution is, it will be passed. They have this automatic majority, because they have been able to convince enough permanent members of UNESCO to support them at each resolution.

I wrote to him earlier today to express my displeasure in no uncertain terms, and to urge him, as someone who recognizes the absurdity of this decision, to publicly stand up and speak out against it.

Germany, to their credit, voted against this resolution, but more importantly, it shows, as many of us have always known, that the last thing the palestinian leadership want is peaceful coexistence.

Their goal remains the same today as it always was in the past – the destruction of the Jewish state through all means possible.

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