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Here is a collection of videos and articles that describe the misunderstanding of history, and the roots of the conflict.

Noor Dahri
πŸ”΄ I strongly condemn the recent killings of a police officer and an Israeli woman which again proved that there is no different between the Hamas and the PA regimes. The assailant wasn’t from Gaza or the West Bank but from Jerusalem which is really a worrying thing. These terrorising steps can drag Israel to start another operation in East Jerusalem?


πŸ“Palestinians are dreaming their independent state but my concern is if they succeed to establish their own state then of course either Hamas or PA will rule the state and I have no doubt to call the FUTURE state as a terror sponsoring state.

πŸ“If they continue inciting, financing, supporting and praising terrorism then the day is not far when Israel will have no choice but to reoccupy the entire territory. The Palestinians need to stand against their cruel regimes which have devastated their lives and future.

πŸ“The Palestinians must stop celebrating terrorists death or killing of Israelis otherwise it is saying “Tit for Tat” and forget about celebrating, or there will be no one even to mourn their own deaths.

🏴I know, it’s very hard statement but they must take it as my brotherly advice not warning.


Nadiya Al-Noor
There are good Palestinians and good Israelis. There are bad Palestinians and bad Israelis. One does not cancel out the other. Let’s avoid dehumanizing either side. Before we can talk about peace and solutions, we have to recognize the humanity of each person.

Coach Yulia

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