Forget to Remember, Remember to Forget


I just finished my 26 hour fast, and I honestly feel great.  I love all the lessons that come at the right time to learn.  My favorite part was learning on Rosh Hashana that we are shofars, the ram’s horn that is blown in the Jewish New Year.  When Adam was created, God blew life in him, and every moment of life as we take our breaths, life becomes anew, our body heals, and the sound of the Shofar is our actions in this world.

I love to delve into the deeper meaning and lesson, and always am in awe to how everything connects.  Today I picked up a book that I haven’t finished, I wanted it to help time pass, and right at the end of Yom Kippur, I read a reinforcement to my Rosh Hashana lesson above.

“Descarte, in his Third Meditation, said that God re-created the body at each successive moment.  So that time was a form of sustenance.” -The Lowland, Jhumpa Lahiri

We are enjoying having my parents visiting us for the holidays, the kids are so excited to have fun with their Babushka and Dedushka.  My mother and I love to talk all of this deep stuff, and she mentioned the phrase “Forget to Remember, Remember to Forget.”  It feels very appropriate for this day of retrospection, forgiveness, intention, and our roots as the nation of Israel.

Coach Yulia


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