Thank God for Facebook!  I am having the most interesting discussions with Muslim friends about fasting on Yom Kippur, because they also have a fast on the 10th of October, and our begins the evening of the 11th.  I think Yom Kippur is about communication, opening our minds and our hearts, and moving forward.  I found this article fascinating,

Yesterday and this morning I was learning about other muslim customs and they were telling me that they fast because Moses was delivered from Pharaoh on this day,

“We also believe that the day of judgement will occur on this day as well. Before that fasts of ramadhan were made obligatory, the fast of the 10th was obligatory.” Rahil Mumtaz

Another friend, Najaam Farooqui, was telling me other reasons why they fast on this day:

On that day Prophet Adam appology accept by God
Noah safetly reach to safe place
Abraham awarded a reward by God
Prophet Joseph free from jail
Prophet Jacob got back his blindness
Prophet younus came out from fish stomach
Pharoh beaten by Moses


My wise mother said that all Jewish holidays correlate with the seasons or the moon, but Yom Kippur is unique, it is about consciousness, atonement, and taking responsibility for what was positive and what was negative.


I feel that Yom Kippur is about forgiveness, communication, and respect.
Wishing everyone a meaningful fast,
Gmar Chatima Tova,
Coach Yulia

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