Opportunity, Passion, Ability, Skill


Some of us have passion and some of us have skill, and I am so grateful when I find someone with both, and it could be in any field.  Some professionals such as doctors, teachers, and even drivers have the skills but not necessarily the feel and connection to what they do.  My passion came to me later in life, and I am so grateful that it is something that flows through me, and I also feel that even with my experience, I keep learning and growing with each class and client.

I really think there is no formula, different strokes for different folks.  I know people that have a job that makes them a good living, and on their free time they indulge in what they love and their hobbies.  I am not wired that way, I cannot just do a job, I have to live my purpose in this world, and Thank God there is a need in our society.

I say keep searching,

Even with one passion,

Maybe there is more around the corner,

Sometimes one thing ends, and opens doors for the next,

Just Trust You,

Coach Yulia

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