What are YOU feeding your body?


3 months ago I started seeing an Eastern Medicine Practitioner, and at this time of my life, it helped me get healthier from the inside, get rid of a parasite, get over my plateau, lose 15 pounds, and go down two dress sizes.

It started moving very slowly, but what I liked the best was there were no side effects, I still felt as good as I usually do, no side effects, no extremes, just healthy, permanent change.

I was talking to someone recently and told her that I learned through a muscle test, which is no blood and no urine, that my body does not like chicken.  It is not really an allergy, but it causes inflammation in my body.  Usually a dietician and western medicine will tell you that chicken is a healthy protein, but not for me, I love how eastern medicine customizes just for me.

Another healthy food that my body doesn’t like is salmon, and because of the holidays, I have indulged, and I feel so bloated with eating too many leftovers.  I was talking to someone who asked me what if I ate chicken again, and I have no doubt the same thing would happen if I ate it, I would feel bloated, burping, and just think I ate too much, but it was because specific foods inflame my body.

So happy figuring out works for me,

I love to say everything works and nothing works,

We all have to find what works and feels good individually,

Coach Yulia


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