“Hashem was bored”

Rosh Hashana, The Jewish New Year is around the corner, and some books call it the birthday of the world.  My daughter was not sure why it was called the birthday of the world, and I told her that before God created the world, there was nothing, and then the earth and people were born.  My oldest son said the most profound words, “Hashem was bored.”  In Hebrew, Jewish people refer to God as Hashem, and we learn that God wanted to experience how men and women go through life, uplift themselves, grow, and be a light onto our world.

The whole month before Rosh Hashana, it is the month of Elul, we look at how we behaved in the year before, and take on how we want to grow in the following year.  It is so inspiring to read and listen to how everyone around me is looking forward to a fresh start, and wishing everyone happiness, health, success, and love.

I love the deeper meaning of the words on the page,

In the Torah, it is not just the words that are important,

To read in between the lines is so powerful,

Because each person understands it in their own unique way,

It applies to everyone diffrently,

We are all differrent,

Our journey and path is our own,

Embrace your journey,

Looking forward to a sweet new year,

Coach Yulia

Afshine Emrani
The Hebrew Bible is the foundation for all modern religion, accepted in full by Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. But, the first eleven chapters mention no Jew, no Christian, no Muslim- just Adam, made from “earth.” The Talmud begs “what color was the clay that God used to shape human being?” And the answer: “It was black, and white, and red and yellow.” Our tradition teaches that Adam was created in the Image of God- just one. Why was not a family created, and why a single person? Our sages answer, so that no one can say “my ancestors are superior to yours.” Harold Schulweis of Jewish World Watch said it beautifully: “There is only one humanity and only one universe and only one God and only one universal obligation.” May the New Year usher in the understanding that we are all one, we all come from the same earth and return to the same earth. May we cultivate only love toward each other, celebrate the diversity of our paths toward The One True God, and together make this Earth a place where all of our children can thrive. Amen.
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