What do you allow your children to do?

I’m not entertained by this post because it’s condescending and judgmental towards children. Children will play with whatever they find in their environment… if I give a child this box of crayons, some paper, sticks, glue and simply talk with them, you will understand that the child is right, he only does what’s allowed. #childrenareawesome #wehadourchildhood#talktothemandtheywilllisten

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It is up to us parents and teachers and everybody that interacts with  children to set boundaries, rules, and live by example.  Devices are controlled in my house, and what my friend says above is true, what you give your kids, they will play with.
I love adventures and exploring, finally all my kids are without training wheels on their bikes.  It doesn’t matter if the kids “want” the electronics, we decide, and I do believe it is ok to have some brain free time once in a while.
Yes its easier for them to zone out, and for us to do things, but no matter what we give our kids, all they really want is us to experience life with them, to be fully present.  Every Shabbat there is no escape from 24/7 interaction, and that is a good thing, not easy, but good.
Everyone can choose what is right for their child, but it really is up to us to help them choose balance.
Coach Yulia

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