1. (of bad behavior) done openly and unashamedly.
    “blatant lies”

This is the word that comes to mind with what is happening in the United States and the rest of the world in relation to Jewish people and Israel.  I am shocked by,


and Berkeley:

“Based upon the syllabus, the class treats Israel as a settler colonial state and Zionism and Israel as illegitimate,” Rossman-Benjamin toldThe Algemeiner, adding that “a goal of the class appears to be talking about ways to decolonize Palestine, which essentially means to eliminate the Jewish state.”

Thank God there are examples of truth, Thank You Princeton!

WAHHOOOOOO! Miko Peled, an anti-Israel speaker who has, on multiple occasions, posted blatantly anti-Semitic comments (e.g. Comparing Israel to a Nazi State — which even if you disapprove of Israel’s actions, is a profoundly bigoted thing to say). KUDOS to everyone who made this happen and YAYYYY PRINCETON FOR NEVER ACCEPTING ANTI-SEMITISM!

Leora Noor Eisenberg  Just a few of the notables I met at AIPAC Policy Conference: Bassem Eid, a Palestinian human rights activist who seeks to end Palestinian self-victimization


There are two Palestinian leaders that are trying to educate and inform, one is Basseim Eid in the picture above, he is currently on a speaking tour in the United States, and the other is a professor that you can read about in the following article,


Obama just gave a speech that praises the Iran deal, and points out that the Palestinian leaders do incite violence, but does not ask them to recognize the State of Israel.  This is the scary truth that our administration has set into motion:

Howard Kligman

“Iran and its proxies. Iran has all the money in the world thanks to the democratic president. Iran supports Hizbollah, Hamas, and the Palestine’s. It will come from Syria, Lebanon, Gaza and maybe Iran soil with long range missiles.” – Howard Kligman


The Blatant Antisemitism is shocking,

In many European countries, Jews are afraid to wear their head covering and celebrate the upcoming holidays,

No uproar over Jews and Israel?

I will keep roaring!

Coach Yulia

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