Focus on “What Is”


I love and need to work with people, it recharges me, and I get to share my energy and I always learn something.  I have been blessed with parents that are still together for almost 45 years, a wonderful husband and children, and work I love, Thank God.  In my line of work people feel comfortable sharing with me their innermost feelings and struggles, and it opens me up more and more that we all come from a completely different place.

There is divorce in my extended family, and of course each situation is unique, but I really like how Mayim Bialik is so real, and trusts what is right for her and her family.  In my Yoga and Doula work, I am emotionally intimate with people, and want to keep learning how to really listen and support.

Our words are powerful,

They can hurt or they can heal,

I choose to stay in a positive view and deal with the present as best as I can,

Wishing everyone strength, clarity, and connection,

Coach Yulia



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