I love living on the brink of life, being a Doula is a world of the unknown, and trusting that everything will work out as it should.  I continue teaching my Yoga and Prenatal Yoga classes, and am very blessed to have flexibility and people who help me substitute classes when I get called last minute to Doula.

This Thursday I had a Yoga event in Burbank, and my usual sub was unavailable, and my client was due that day, and although due dates do not mean anything, they are only estimates, I always like to have myself covered just in case.

Friday, no baby.

Saturday evening things started moving, and I had my son’s big birthday bash on Sunday afternoon.  All I can do is trust the flow of it all, I worked all night, helped a 9.9 pound baby girl into the world, no epidural.  Then promptly ran home to help my husband prepare for the party. We just got home, it was 40 of my son’s closest friends, he hasn’t had a party since he turned 3 and we cut his long hair.

Everything worked out beautifully, I feel proud, happy, and thoroughly enjoyed planning every detail, and was happy I was there to enjoy it.  My sister in law made the most beautiful cake, and we had a fun crew running the show for the kids.

I am so happy to be done,



Bring it on,

I love the natural high of the unknown,

Coach Yulia


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