Now time to take a nap

I am having the most wonderful day, after going to sleep at 8pm last night from my long Saturday night to Sunday of Doula work and throwing my son a birthday bash.  After sending the kids to school, this is how it went:

9am Yoga

10am Prenatal Yoga

Noon Chiropractor

1:30pm Got two amazing dresses for the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana and holidays coming up, I went down two sizes and lost 10 pounds! (more on that in another blog.)

2pm The most amazing lunch with my husband, I got a gift certificate, have never been before, and it was a gift from my fellow Doula for supporting her as her backup Doula.

4pm About to take a nap, still recovering from my nonstop night and day yesterday, and that meal has me sleepy.

5pm Kids will be home, homework, piano practice for my oldest, dinner, bed.

8pm One more Yoga class to go,

Love my naps,

Coach Yulia


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