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Allan Silver
The IDF has opened a new battalion for Haredim.

It is a paratrooper unit of Haredim. Today was the first day and many arrived for conscription.

It is going to be very interesting how this is going to work out.

In the video we see an open day to visitors.

יום פתוח לפלוגה החרדית החדשה בצנחנים

IDI – Israel Democracy Institute
He’s the head of IDI’s ultra-Orthodox program in Israel. His research focuses on public policy in the Haredi sector, integrating Haredim in the workforce, education, higher education and the army.

He helped write the Master Plan for Ultra-Orthodox Employment and the Five-year Plan for Bringing Haredim into Academia, which were adopted as part of government policy.

Yesterday I posted some articles about antisemitism on college campuses, and honoring the history of Jewish people and Israel.  One of the comments said that I was pointing out only my side. To that comment I want to reply, YES I AM!  He went on to say that most of the world only sees their side of the story, so yes here I am trying to show the world MY SIDE.

Here is another article of blantant antisemitism on campus,

I am proud of Israel, is it perfect? No, nobody is perfect.  It is however showing the world that it will stay strong and defend itself, and it will be a democracy in the Middle East, giving equal rights to all cultures, women, and LGBT.

The video above is showing how Israel is including the ultra religious community to be a productive, contribute, and support their families.

Thank you Israel,

God Bless You,

Am Yisroel Chai,

Coach Yulia

Dr. David Applebaum and his daughter, Nava HY”D. Today, 13 Elul is their yahrzeit. Murdered by a terrorist, the night before Nava was to marry. ת.נ.צ.ב.ה. A wise man once said “It is amazing how quickly life can change and amazing how quickly we can forget,..if we don’t take time to remember” Let us take some time to remember (or learn about) these beautiful souls who were lost on this day, 13 years ago.

Nava Applebaum was a 20-year-old Israeli-American woman who was murdered together with her father on the evening before her wedding by an Arab suicide bomber.

Journalist Yossi Klein Halevi described the incident as an “epic tragedy”, and wrote: “If a new book of Tanach were ever written about the modern return to Zion, it would have to include the story of the Applebaums.”

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