My 8 year old made me a mama


Do you notice and remember the dimple that stood out at birth and still is his signature feature, besides being the best big brother, and the funnest guy to have around!

What a beautiful pregnancy and birth I had with my 8 pound 15 ounce firstborn baby boy! I usually say 9 pounds, and he is the tallest, fastest, smartest, kindest, and sweetest person in the room, and he enjoys being all those “ests.”

We started celebrating on his birthday, September 13, and will continue today for his Hebrew birthday the 13th of Elul, and into the weekend with friends.

I have always enjoyed birthdays, and I am passing that down to my kids, and why just have a day, make it a birthday month!!! Let the excitement build, and its not about presents, but about activities, fun, family, and friends.  He is the only grandchild on my side of the family that is following in the musical footsteps or should I say fingers, of his Babushka, by understanding the music language and playing piano.  She sent him the beautiful video below of all the amazing Jewish musicians, and showing him he is a part of something big. It gives him confidence, he plays beautifully at recitals, and the brain keeps expanding and learning.  I always tell him I love his brain, his photographic memory is mind boggling, he was reading and writing Hebrew at 5 years old.

Go Eli Tzvi Go!

Happy Birthday,

Mazal Tov!

I Love You,

I trained all my kids to call me EEMA, mom in Hebrew,

Proud Eema,

Coach Yulia

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