Drugs and Antibiotics eventually not enough


This is fascinating, how bacteria will eventually morph and and resist and grow.  Antibiotics and medications are overused in our society, it is a constant go to instead of focusing on the roots and the source, we focus on the symptoms.  The worst part is there are always side effects, and more drugs are prescribed, it is a never ending cycle of money and dis-ease.

I just had this conversation with my mother yesterday, her insurance was telling her that she has to go to the doctor every three months.  My parents are in their 70’s, do not take any medications, and have no reason for doctors or refills.  I think the only reason to go to a Western Medicine doctor is for a checkup to tell you nothing wrong, or of course a specialist or surgeon for specific conditions.

Preventive Maintenance For Your Health,

Exercise, Nutrition, Eastern Medicine, Massage, and even Chiropractic to reset us once in a while.  We treat our animals, children, and cars better than we treat ourselves, if we don’t take care of ourselves who will do it for us?

We use our health to make our wealth, and then use our wealth to pay for our health.

If we don’t take time for rest and recreation, eventually we have to take time for illness.

When I explain Yoga and Pilates, I say it is much more than a workout or relaxation, it is teaching yourself about how your body feels when it is healthy, and to notice when something is off and not ignore it.  The right posture in everything will do, will help our body and mind  flow and function correctly.  When our body is begging for rest, it is better to listen and prevent injury than to force and take pills.

Start paying attention,

Otherwise there is a never ending cycle of pain, pills, side effects, and as we have seen more and more, death.

Coach Yulia

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