Israel was established 4000 years ago and Jews are not white

In Russia my passport said Jewish, in America the only box that I could pick was white, and it never felt right to me.  In our world of free speech and social media, sometimes we can keep learning, and sometimes it is just spewing hate.

RM Bellerose

Dear Jews

You aren’t white. You weren’t white when the Crusaders decided to indulge in a little jew killing on their way to “liberate the holy land from the infidel.” You weren’t white when the Romans tried to wipe you off the page of history. You weren’t white when they killed you in Russia, you weren’t white when they killed you in Poland, you weren’t white when they told you “Jews go back to palestine” and you damn sure weren’t white when they put up signs saying “no jews, indians or niggers.” You weren’t white when you marched with Doctor King in Selma, you weren’t white when they made quotas at Ivy league schools for you.

I get that being seen as white is a symbol of having “made it”. being white is considered to be the apex of modern white european culture, but why do you think that suddenly white people are so happy to call you white? Maybe because now being white is not all shiny happy things, being white also means a history of being colonisers, being asshats on a national scale. it means acknowledging that at many points in history being white meant you were not the good guy. so get it straight, they are only willing to let you share the blame now, otherwise do you honestly think they would be so happy to say the phrase ” jews are white.”?

and I dont feel like explaining that while many people think whiteness is about skintone, its not really, its about an overarcing dominant culture of possession and aquisition. so sure, if you are ok with sharing the blame for a system that until recently was responsible for the oppression and marginalisation of Jews for almost 2 thousand years, then go ahead and self identify as white, but you should know, you have a lot of succsess as Jews because you beat the system, not because you were ever a part of it.



Coach Yulia

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