Children, Birth, You!

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This is such a powerful quote, and it makes me think of children and birth.  There are so many schools of thought on how to raise children, whether to let them roam free or be a helicopter parent and protect them.  I would say these are the extremes, and it is important to fine tune and customize to each child.  One of my children needs much more structure, and my other two love to go with the flow.

Also it is true that labor and birth are perfect, our body creates a beautiful, healthy child inside and out, fully functioning human.  The best way to let it happen is not to interfere, and Thank God we have the medical model in case of special circumstances.  Today we are blessed to choose the way we want to birth.

How about each individual?

You are whole.

You are unique.

Find an environment where you can thrive and shine your light!

Coach Yulia

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