Different strokes for different folks

It is so important to understand that everybody will have their own unique experience and perspective in everything in life.  Your experience is only yours, nobody else will have yours, and each person will have theirs.  Yes it is nice to share, communicate, and express yourself, but nobody will completely understand it your way, only from their own point of view.

One of the areas of life that it is so important to let each woman have their own experience is labor and birth.  Please be cautious when telling your stories, especially to first time moms.  As a mom of three and a Doula I can tell you for a fact that each labor and birth is completely different.  It is so important to get informed, surround yourself with support, and ultimately trust your gut about what is right for you in the moment.

I love that we are all different, there is no perfect, and we really do have a choice how to feel, react, act, behave, decide, conduct ourselves, express ourselves, and just be.

Coach Yulia

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