Anti-Zionist = Anti-Jew

American deputy foreign secretary Thomas Shannon was taken on a tour of a Gazan tunnel, by the IDF. He is visiting the region at the moment.

I’d be interested in what he thought about.

Here is the truth for the world to see.  All cries for peace and coexistence and relief funding go to build these tunnels in Gaza for attacks on Israel.  I am having many conversations from people all over the world that are very sympathetic with the Palestinian people, but this is proof that the leaders of Gaza and the Palestinian Authority are not interested in helping their own people.  Gaza keeps firing rockets, the West Bank teaches their children to kill innocent women, children, and elderly.

I keep on hearing people saying that they are not Antisemitic, just Anti-Israel.


Innocent Jews are attacked daily all around the world in the name of Israel.  Thank God there are people and nations that see all people as equal, and jump into help, here is an amazing story about the Phillipines rescuing refugees during WWII.

Even Saudi Arabia goes to Israel for assistance with hackers,
Ruthi Ryba
The internal ministry of Saudi Arabia has announced that she suffered a cyber attack today.

Many basic services were attacked and disrupted.

The attack came from sources outside the country they reported…

Saudi Arabia may have to call in Israel for cyber help to protect itself from further attacks. Israel is world reknown for cyber attack protection…many countries work with Israel in this field.


Finally Italy accepted help from Israel for the earthquake,


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