Throw Up and Poop

(to the tune of “The Addam’s Family”)

For some reason at my little guy’s preschool, they use that tune to sing the days of the week.

There’s Sunday and there’s Monday, there’s Tuesday and there’s Wednesday,  there’s Thursday and there’s Friday, and then there’s Saturday.

Days of the Week (Snap Snap,) and so on.

The past week has been all about Throw Up and Poop, so I am inspired to write a song. Each kid took turns throwing up, and it came out of every end.  Yes, once you become a parent, this is the topic of conversation, while still gross, it cannot be avoided.

I hear a horrible sound,

The lights are all around,

My child is on the ground,

and this is what I found.

Throw up and Poop – (snap, snap) – Throw up and Poop – (snap, snap)

Throw up and Poop, Throw up and Poop, Throw up and Poop –  (snap, snap)


The Joy of Parenthood!

Thank God they are feeling better,

Coach Yulia

The kids love to Daven! from Coach Yulia on Vimeo.

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