Drugs Have Side Effects

America is addicted and dying.  Prescription drugs are the Western Medicine answer to everything under the sun, and have severe side effects.  I am proud to say that my parents do not take any medications, exercise daily, and focus on balanced nutrition.  The sad thing is the side effects of one medication usually leads to more medications, and it is an expensive, neverending cycle.  The pharmeceutical industry is the only one literally profitting from people’s suffering, http://bients.com/pharma-ceo-gave-18-million-raise-hiking-epipen-prices/.

I was also listening on the radio about a bill being approved to stop medicating foster children, and the video below is just wrong.

I am seeing an Eastern Medicine Practitioner, and he was telling me that when we get bloodwork, it is based on unhealthy people, he wants to see my bloodwork to see the roots. I am on my own journey of healthy weight loss, only the fat, not the muscle, nutrients, or water loss.  I have been following a program that has me cutting out food that causes inflamation in my body.  I love the customization of Eastern Medicine, it is not a one size fit all approach, and what may work for me, is not what is right for someone else. Western Medicine looks at the body in parts, which is important for surgeries, but other than that we are a whole, every part affects every other part.  Eastern Medicine looks at the flow of the whole, and as my mother says, the spaces in between are as important as all the parts.

Until I reach my goal, these are the foods that my body doesn’t like and I completely cut them out, and I am schocked that I am not hungry, and have no reaction in my digestion, I just feel good, and it takes time.


It has been six weeks, my digestion is better but he told me as we get older our body cannot process raw vegetables as well, and that I am drinking too much water!  So now there are more foods that don’t like me, and once I reach my goal, I can slowly reintroduce them.

TUMERIC, CILANTRO, LEMON, GARLIC, SPINACH, SALMON, TEHINA, RAISINS,  RICE, ALL NIGHT SHADES (tomatoes, potatoes, bell peppers, and potatoes ) and ALL NUTS.

Thank God my body likes beef, eggs, fish, hummus, oatmeal, nori, bananas, avocado, brocolli, olives, and coconut.  My amazing husband helps me keep the food creative and delicious. My body also likes my all time favorite sweetness of honey.

I used to find it funny that all the medication ads show people smiling, and then the announcer sounds like an auctioneer reading off the side effects always ending with death.


Coach Yulia

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