Low Maintenace is Heaven


Everything in life is about connection, and all of us have busy non stop lives.  It is so beautiful to have friends that get this, and it really is just respect and love.  Shout out and cheers to all of my amazing friends all over the world, much love.

I love words!

Shariff Mordechai Hazan
“There’s hell in hello, good in goodbye, lie in believe, over in lover, end in friend, ex in next , & if in life.”

– anonymous

I am blessed to be low maintenance in my daily life, I always say that I am either Yoga or Diva.  In my Yoga life, I get to be 100% present, and if I am tired or running from somewhere, once I get to class, I can just be that, and I encourage everyone else to just be exactly where they are.


It is fun to be Diva as well, and proud of my Russian sisters below, working it, hard work looks flawless and easily flowing.

Coach Yulia


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