Prenatal, Pregnancy, Post Partum

Today there is so much information about Prenatal, Pregnacy, and Post Partum health, it is important to filter through, talk to people you trust, and most importantly trust yourself on what feels right for you.

Some books lean toward the medical model, try to over explain what happens if something goes wrong.  I love to say 99.9% of the time nothing goes wrong, the body and baby know exactly what to do, and the support team just stands by and observes and guides the mom into staying calm, connected, and as comfortable as possible.  Thank God for hospitals just in case something does not go as planned, they know exactly what to do, so we do not need to concern ourselves with the technology, terminology, and procedures, we just have to calmly know it is there, and focus on coping, breathing, and connecting with our baby as labor progresses.

Prenatal Yoga helps the mom get connected to what feels good as she moves into different poses, which many times are used during labor.

In many countries women with low risk pregnancies either birth at home or with midwives, a doctor is never present unless they are called for an emergency.  This article is recommending that this should be standard procedure in the United States and I completely agree.


Would you like to produce even more milk when you express using a breast pump? You can! This technique can double the amount of milk you express!

Post Partum health is unfortunately cast aside by many doctors, they simply say it is what normally happens after baby and it will heal.  In Israel and France it is standard for mothers to go to Physical Therapy specifically for the Pelvis and focuses that everything is healing properly with guided excersices.  The only thing you hear about now is Post Partum Depression, which is also misunderstood and misdiagnosed, but it is getting better.

This evening there is a wonderful free event specifically about Pelvic Floor, Post Partum Health for women, spread the word and come check it out.

If we do not get informed,

Learn about how it all works,

Ask for what we want,

Be clear with yes and no,

Who else will do it for us?

Unfortunately when we come in uninformed,

Hospitals will do their medical model of prevention and intervention,

Intervention leads to more intervention,


It is a choice,

We are consumers, not patients.

Coach Yulia

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