What makes you a winner?





I am shocked at the behavior at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio.  Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt are breaking the rules of sportsmanship, and the Olympic committee and the world pay no attention.  Please insert another race, culture, nationality, or person into the same scenario, there would be an uproar!  Bravo to my Jewish and Israeli brothers and sisters that lead by example, play by the rules, and are winning with their passion and skill.

Coach Yulia

Afshine Emrani
“Losing doesn’t make you a loser, hate makes you a loser!” A great quote from The Israel Project After Israel’s Or Sassoon beat Egypt’s Islam El Shehaby in judo, the Egyptian athlete refused to shake the Israeli’s hand. Many of you are angry, as you should be, as I am too, as there should be no room for this in Olympics. BUT, more importantly, to me, OR SASSOON IS A HERO! I care less about how the loser acted, and more that Israel’s representative was a gentleman. I salute you my Jewish friend. Love always wins! You are a light onto the nations.


JD Chance > the Olympic Committee should now immediately make a statement that any further refusals by Muslim athletes to compete against Israeli athletes …. and …. displays of outright blatant poor sportsmanship based on political stances by Muslims against Israelis during competitions …. will both be stances that are not going to be permitted to be any part of The Olympic Games …. and …. any further stances made by any athletes to make political statements based on long standing conflicts that are supposed to be kept out of the competitions …. will result in an immediate unequivocal response that the entire Olympic Team the refusing athlete represents will be banned from any further participation for the remainder of the competitions in Brazil in order to uphold the true spirit of the Games……………………………………………………………………… this statement would be and should be based on the determination of the Rules Committee that no politicization of the events will be accepted and in any way made legitimate ………….. and so therefore ………….. any acts of individual athletes blatantly contrary to the cooperative international nature of the competing teams carried out to compromise the long agreed upon format of The Olympic Traditions will be stopped expeditiously before further deterioration of the integrity of The Event is allowed to be attempted by biased and cowardly grandstanding from subversive elements involved solely for tyrannical vested interests of their own contentious agendas

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