Children learn from leadership

I am sure you have heard the phrase, actions speak louder than words.  Children will follow what you do not what you say.  In the video above you will hear how children are not born with hate, and unfortunately parents, teachers and leaders are teaching them to hate.

Bassem Eid

Homeland is not the place where you born, homeland is the place where you find justice, dignity and freedom.

“Please stop looking at the Palestinian people as victims of the occupation. Please look at the Palestinian people as victims of their own leadership. For too long we have been stuck in shit.” – Bassem Eid quote of the day

Naomi Ester Rahmani at Achieve Speech Associates, Naomi Ester Rahmani M.S. CCC SLP.
When doing an articulation drill worksheet (with checks for correct responses and an “x” for incorrect responses) my little 6 year old client says:

“Miss Naomi how many did I get wrong, 7?” (With a lol of worry in her eyes and voice)
My response: “Sweety you got 3 of the hardest ones correct. You did amazing!!!!”
Her eyes lit with fire and she did ALL the following tasks with 100% accuracy.

Lesson: Our responses and comments to children have such an immense impact. We have the power to motivate them, encourage them or break them. Illuminating the positives will elicit beautiful results!!!
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Educate yourself,

Stay open,

Communicate outside of your circle,

Trust your gut,

Trust your truth,

There really is only one truth,

But we all arrive through different paths,

Find your path,

Coach Yulia





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