Birth Your Dream

Every experience has a purpose in our path in this life.  In my opinion and the way I view the world is that everything is positive.  Love the video below, what is the dream inside of you?

I didn’t even know until I had my own children that I would be a Labor and Birth Doula.  I love supporting pregnant moms in their journey, and throughout the labor and birth, making them feel as good as possible physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

A fellow Doula wrote this, and it really resonates, I give all of me, and it does take time to recover, but it is really a natural high for me, so grateful and blessed.

Giuditta Tornetta
After a very long birth, I once again ponder on the job remuneration that doulas ask for their services. How some people complain about our fees. Not only you must divide the fee in the many hours even days we are actually with the client, but i find myself taking a whole day sometimes even more recouping from one birth. Tired, nauseous, unable to do anything but veg all day. truly this is a labor of love, for no matter how much a doula charges the toll it takes… is uncompensable. I am so impressed by all my sisters and their dedication to this work, and of course that goes to the home birth midwives as well. Wish there would be a bit more recognition of that from the medical world…even a trying shift of 12 hours does not compare.
Bring your dream to light,
Birth it from within,
Coach Yulia

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