What does dating mean?

My parents, born in the former Soviet Union, did not understand the way that we date in the United States, it did not make sense to them.  Especially what we see in our media, many partners, drama, and easily walking away.  Take half an hour to listen to this interview on Press Play with Madeline Brand on KCRW, http://kcrw.co/29YQate.  The title of the main segment is “A Report Card on the Republican National Convention 2016.”  Once you click play, move the time to 30:50, and you will hear about “tough love, from an advice columnist,” talk so frankly about relationships.  Saying that until we find our other half, everything else before that is a rejection.  Also that women are so focused on getting a guy to commit, that only after he does do they ask themselves if he is the right fit for her, and many times he is not.

I was happy being single and having fun until I turned 33, that is the age my father got married.  One of the students in my classes introduced me to my husband when I turned 34, and we were married 8 months later, this August it will be 9 years.  Timing was right, the fit was right, and it was so refreshingly easy, no drama, and just flowing forward.  My room mate at the time asked me how it was, and I told her there really was nothing to talk about, it was just good.

I tried dating online before I met my husband, and I knew from the first meeting if the click was there or not, but I do know a few couples personally that met online and are happily married.

Some things fit,

Some things do not fit,

That is all a good thing,

It makes no sense to get upset,

There is no competition or comparision,

There is only one you.

We all have something to contribute,

Someone will get us completely,

It is possible,

Enjoy the video below about what is possible,

Coach Yulia


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