Everybody Sucks

As someone that always sees the positive view, the picture above made me laugh. However, I tend to agree that this year’s presidential race has been mind boggling, and I honestly am not happy with either extreme, and not even with Bernie Sanders for socialism.  That is the exact word, everybody is an extreme, and I have no idea what I will do on November 4, election day.

Afshine Emrani 
Did Trump just ask Putin to find Hillary Clinton’s missing emails? Is he inviting Russian hackers to go after our national security? Is there a lack of American talent?


The video below shows the first African American to run for office, and she was also the first African American woman to lead the way to change.  I wish she was running today, because all the hate that I see on both sides is horrific, and I agree that “Everybody SUCKS.”

Chaya Margelit Hoffman
Listened to the news this morning and heard the spirited roll call nominating the first woman nominee for a major party.

We’ve come a looooong way. I’m happy to live in an era when this is possible.
That said, I will not vote for someone just because she is a proxy for something/a symbol. I do not think someone’s race, religion, or gender should play a role in whether to vote for someone or not.
We need to look at a person’s policies, history, and integrity.


At the Democratic Convention there was burning of the Israeli flag outside, and inside people were flying their own flags, representing hate.

Yehudit Garmaise
OK, Soviet, Palestinian, and N. Korean flags are flying at the DNC? What is going on?? Nightmare.

Everyone talks about unity, but I don’t see it on either side. They are so concerned with uniting for Hillary that everything that is going on in the world is ignored.  Extremes, one party wants to ignore, the other party wants to annihilate, OY!


Afshine Emrani

Don’t let American become like France, like Europe! We need our own Brexit= Americexit! Political correctness and tolerance are good things but too much becomes destructive. A priest was beheaded in Normandy, France. My heart bleeds for his family and community. There should be outrage by all Christians in America. The Pope should be speaking up against this. Enough!

Coach Yulia




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