Talent and Skill


I am fascinated by people that have both, talent and skill.  From doctors and lawyers, to artists and teachers.  Some people have such a passion for what they do, it comes from within, and their skills just solidify their expertise, but it is much, much more.  Others are quite skilled, but there is no inner connection, and that is where the right fit comes in. Trust yourself in all of the interactions of your life, if the fit feels right.  Whether it is a life adventure, a career, or the love of your life, deep down inside you know if you should go for it or not.

As a Yoga teacher, I am interested in the mechanics of everything, the form, alignment, and core in everything we do.  The video above is all technical details, and it is amazing when that precise execution is paired with inward passion, talent, creativity, and a unique gift, the result is mind blowing.

Coach Yulia

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